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Welcome to the Trader crew wiki main page. This page is going to get you to the various resources that will be used to help you create your character and understand the galaxy I will be creating for you. It will evolve as things progress and as I finish up the campaign foundation.
I do welcome any ideas, suggestions, or expansion thoughts for such things email me here on Obsidian Portal.

New Player Hand Out
New to Star wars D6? Look at the new player hand out to help you understand the system also feel free to send me mail with any questions or clarifications needed.

Character Creation
The outline for characters to be created and submitted for the game.

First Session
Layout of theme of first session to allow preparation for efficiency

This will be decided by the group as a whole but will be available as I flesh out the options and their particular details.

Ship Choices
This will hold the ships available to choose from at the start of the game (light freighter suggestions welcome stock ones)

The Star Shark
The Crews modified KDY-F5 Mantis

The Crew
This is where the current ship’s crew (the player characters will be found)

This is where the known in game NPC’s will be found

The Astrogation Computer
This is calculator I will be using for the hyperspace times

Race Routing Planets Working copy

Adventure Logs and their Rewards

Main Page

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