Character Creation

Character creation:
Xl format character sheet
Background Questionnaire
Please fill the questionnaire out to help flesh out your character and give me some reference to shape things fitting to your character. Please mail me a copy hereon Obsidian portal.

Need Some Ideas?
These two template collections should help guide you to starting point, or even just to give some ideas to better shape your character.
Template Collection
Civilian Templates
The Crew
Want to fill in the gaps check out the crew so far and fill in the holes

A member of a newly formed freighter crew the characters are fairly young and new the life 18d attributes and 10d for skills and 5CP’s to be saved or spent. The characters are essentially new to their respective positions being brought together by a financial backer, loan shark, or crime boss offering them collective credit to gain their ship. (funding source and ship will be chosen as a group) as such no character regardless of template used will begin with a ship. The group will also nominate a captain/leader as the decision maker when it must be done on the fly with no time to vote an outcome. The captain is not necessarily the pilot. Since it is an equal share group if said leader is not preforming to group expectations a majority non confidence vote at a time to do so can be made.

Players possessions must fit their character concept as such the GM reserves the right to deny any piece of equipment. To be fair and so it is known if I feel it does not fit I do give said player the chance to explain why it does fit. I am Human and may not see the way it fits your character.
If creating from a template starting that will be your starting equipment(no ships, no star fighters) credits is a standard 1000 (don’t bring me a ship-less tramp captain expecting 4000 pocket credits as an example)

  • 1 Unique special item(decided between player and gm)

Players may select:
Any standard piece of equipment under 100 credits (with GM’s approval).
A blast vest and helmet unless inappropriate to the concept. (substitutions made when need arises)
Two standard weapons. (non-standard weapons will be substituted if concept makes it necessary)
One or more ‘special issue’ concept items these items will reflect your ship job and trading needs.

  • 1 Unique special item (decided between player and gm)
    0-1000c Which can be used for basic possessions or as savings (1000 will be standard unless heavily equipped by the concept)

Character Creation

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