Trader Crew

Seerin's First tour on the Space Shark

Not bad

Well the first trip went well. Even if Mr Pouty Face our Engineer was made co-pilot. I wanna learn to fly. There is so much I still need to learn. The first planet was some hot muggy swamp one. The name Was Balfog I think. We were in fifth place going there. The customs agent I think had someone watching over him or did not like me thinking I was too young. It slowed us down.

The people on the next planet were better. With Russel’s piloting skill we got there in first…Though I hope the Sullustans are ok..They seemed to have a damaged engine.They were a lot like me. A near human race of aquatic people. The beaches were nice. Saw this really cool red fish that puffed up when I got close and got to make face with a eel in the rocks too . Oh yeah the turtle was funny and watching it eat was SWIMIN!.

We ate a dinner together and that was ok but that silly Twi’lek girl is stealing my jobs. I am ground captain I am the one responsible for the trading and such right…? we agreed tot hat already. Hmmppph!

She really is nice if a little silent. Russel is cool I like him and know him form before. Tik is..well he creeps me out with his silent movement and not talking much. Still I am glad they did not ask me too much about where I am from..Not sure what to tell them.

Ok end of log

We stil have to decide


Riftrider mark_fox

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