Sharn “Sie” Sienar

Ship Engineer


Name: Sharn “Sie” Sienar
Template: Imperial Navy Ship Engineer (Former)
Species: Human from Lianna

Dexterity: 3D6
(S) Blaster: Pistols 4D6
Brawling Parry
Dodge 4D6
Melee Weapons
Melee Parry
Zero Gravity

Knowledge: 2D+2
(S) Planetary Systems: Shadow Ports 3D+2
(S) Streetwise: Invisible Market 3D6+2

Mechanical: 3D6
Astrogation 5D6
Powersuit Operations
Repulsorlift Operations
Space Transports 5D6

Perception: 2D6+1

Strength: 3D6

Technical: 4D6
Capital Ship Repair
Capital Ship Weapon Repair
Computer Programming/Repair
Droid Programming 5D6
Droid Repair 5D6
Space Transports Repair 5D6
Starfighter Repair
Starship Weapon Repair 5D6

Special Abilities:

Story Factors:

Move: 10

Character Points: 5

Force Points: 1

Age: 21
Description: Grey Eyes, Dark Brown-black Hair, Very Light fair Skin, Is VERY Handsome… Around 1.6 meters tall and weighs about 62 kilograms.

Personality: Quiet and shy, a tinkerer, and sweet natured, He has a curious and agile mind. Usually cheerful but can get (VERY) serious when angered or in a dire situation.

Equipment Equipment: Brown Bantha Hide Jacket, White shirt, Grey Imperial Navy Uniform pants and boots, BlasTech DL – 18 Blaster Pistol (1 Ammo Pack), Datapad, Tool Belt, Droid Customization Kit, Droid diagnostic, Starship Diagnostic Computer, Starship Tool Kit, Old Scout droid “Pittson”

Savings and Estate: 1,000c

Languages Known (Native Languages Pluss 1 for every 1D in Knowledge OR languages):
Basic (Native).
Twi’lek Ryl.


Background Story:
Sharn was born in to the extremely wealthy Sienar family, those who had run the huge Republic Sienar System, now Sienar Fleet Systems Corporation for thousands of years…. He was educated by his Grand uncle Raith Sienar, though he felt, his uncle was a bit more like a cold emotionless droid then a human being…… Like many young imperial scions of wealthy families he was planned a career in the navy from a young age……. Secretly he wasn’t what you’d call a very good imperial….. He sympathized with the plight of the Alien members of the empire……. Like all good imperial nobility, he was expected to own a slave or two, so his father bought a Twi’lek dancer for him off of Ryloth……… Sharn was secretly extremely furious at the “gift”…… he never wanted to own a slave, what so ever, but was forced to keep up appearances…… He did the only thing he could and treated her kindly, and more like a pampered house guest in his home when others in the family were not looking……. He wasn’t sure how it happened whether it was a moment of weakness or active infatuation on his part or his “slave” actually seducing him actively, but they bonded and became one, one night, as a man and woman, as lovers and mates……. Unfortunately it became a game of pretending she was his “Slave” not mate and sworn love in front of his family and family friends……. He was sent to the naval academy on Anaxes, and completed his studies in a short period of 1.5 years…… a record time. He was given his choice of duty stations and to his families surprise he chose a remote full dry dock facility where little happens and he could be stationed on a planet, to be near his love…… He did his job well working on space transports in the repair section, and enjoying his mate…… who he had secretly married in the twi’lek community on world……. He was so good in fact that a rival, of questionable skill from a Kuat Drive Yards family begun looking for dirt to dig up on Sharn……..And found it…… he then blackmailed Sharn into leaving the navy behind and resigning or else he’d reveal it……….. Sharn gave in, but the spiteful brat revealed it anyways, making him the object of scorn and ridicule……. Though his family never cut him off financially, they made it clear they wanted him to break off the relationship with this “Twi’lek Seductress”……. And he never did speak much to them after, though they keep tabs on one another….. Though he can technically access the funds and stocks…….. He refuses to, extremely proud and angry at his family and the imperial system, he refuses to touch his socked away wealth……. So low on funds, he’s begun to look at a deal to earn some money and a piece of freedom…….

Sharn “Sie” Sienar

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