Race Routing Planets

These are the planets (thus far I do intend to bring the list up to 30). There will be 5 to 8 mandatory planets. These will be chosen at random via rolling a virtual D (however many planets are in the list.)
Each Team has a 25,000 trading account.

Trade points finish each team will receive 1 point for every 10,000 credits in their trading account after the initial 25,000. So if you finished with a trade account of 100,000 credits 75,000 would be eligible for points netting a point score of 7.

Time finish Points
1st place: 15
2nd place: 10
3rd place: 7
4th Place: 5
5th Place: 1

3 more planets needed must be in this Atrogation Computer

Race Routing Planets

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