Trader Crew

Seerin's First tour on the Space Shark
Not bad

Well the first trip went well. Even if Mr Pouty Face our Engineer was made co-pilot. I wanna learn to fly. There is so much I still need to learn. The first planet was some hot muggy swamp one. The name Was Balfog I think. We were in fifth place going there. The customs agent I think had someone watching over him or did not like me thinking I was too young. It slowed us down.

The people on the next planet were better. With Russel’s piloting skill we got there in first…Though I hope the Sullustans are ok..They seemed to have a damaged engine.They were a lot like me. A near human race of aquatic people. The beaches were nice. Saw this really cool red fish that puffed up when I got close and got to make face with a eel in the rocks too . Oh yeah the turtle was funny and watching it eat was SWIMIN!.

We ate a dinner together and that was ok but that silly Twi’lek girl is stealing my jobs. I am ground captain I am the one responsible for the trading and such right…? we agreed tot hat already. Hmmppph!

She really is nice if a little silent. Russel is cool I like him and know him form before. Tik is..well he creeps me out with his silent movement and not talking much. Still I am glad they did not ask me too much about where I am from..Not sure what to tell them.

Ok end of log

We stil have to decide

1st session

Crawl Intro

This will be edited to be the race news cast of the session.

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