Near human trader and explorer Crew: Ground Captain


Blaster 3D (pistol 4D)

Alien Species 4D (aquatic aliens 5D)
Cultures 4D (aquatic cultures 5D)
Planetary Systems 4D (water planets 5D)
Value 4D

Repulsor lift Operation 4D (Skiff 5D)

Persuasion 4D
Search 5D
Bargain 5D (seduction 6D)

Swimming 8D (+4 from being my race)


Quarren, Mona Cal ,Melodie and basic

Equipment = 1000 credits, data pad, comlink,

Blast-tech DL -22 Blaster pistol damage 4d6+1, Range = 3=10/30//120 ammo 100

(Space Whale )Cargo Skiff
Craft: Ubrikkian Bantha II Cargo SKiff
Type: Cargo skiff
Scale: Speeder
Length: 9 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift operation: cargo skiff
Crew: 1
Passengers: 16
Cargo Capacity: 120 metric tons
Cover: 1/2
Altitude Range: Ground level-50 meters
Cost: 25,000 (new), 13,500 (used)
Move: 70; 200 kmh
Body Strength: 1D

Move: 10 (8 underwater)
Size: 1.5 M


Back home the young Seerin was bored one day and went out swimming away form the safety of the pools where she was growing up. She was attacked by a Reel and managed to get away and to shore. She walked far enough away form the water to get away form it but there were other dangers. She was saved by a Quarren explorer that landed on her planet when he blasted a couple Parella spiders. She was taken in and healed.

She immediately fell in love with the idea of space travel and seeing other planets and people like the Quarren (named Repo but she calls him squid face mostly out of ignorance rather than meanness).

She told her parents and siblings and fellows about it but they forbade her to leave. The young 16 year old though would have non of it. She stowed away on the Quarren’s ship and went to see Dac the first time. She loved the planet and the Quarren helped teach her the trader ways. She visited many planets and loved the watery ones and would take time to swim. Her goal is to swim on every water planet she finds. Or at leas t in some water on every planet….somehow…

Unfortunately the Quarren fell into debt on the planet of Dac to some shifty Mon Cals that did not like him because he was a successful Quarren. She found the job on the current ship hoping to help her friend Squid face out of his debt and free him. After all that smuggling charge was a misunderstanding …right?

Discription. She is a young woman with loose fitting or baggy clothes. She has slightly blue green hair and webbing in between her toes and fingers. She is always talking and smiling and seems to just enjoy life.

Quote= “Water… that is not a lot of water. Back on Dac there was this place under the water that was all black and dark and cold.. was fun swimming in…you bet”


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